My Story

My life is symbolically based on two legs, which balance my body.

The first leg is my being as an intimate person, a husband and father to our four loving children. My vision is of life quality and prosperous community, which is an accessible option for our present and future time.

However, this is determined through the hardest and joyful effort of the second leg, which represents my work and a career. Being a professional, responsible and trustworthy for my clients and colleagues. Therefore, both legs are depending to each other’s condition.

Since 1996 I’ve been working for all Slovenian press. In the last 11 years, my daily work is intent on work for my employer Slovenian Press Agency (STA).

Since 2009 my position is ‘official photographer’ for Slovenian Protocol, so as official photographer for the Slovenian government, Prime Minister and President of State. 

My work includes accompanying them at different events, such as sessions, meetings and also flying to other parts of the Globe..

 My spare time I spend with my family and friends in the fresh air of the countryside, living traditional values and educating children for better future.